Go Big Solar forms strategic partnerships to co-develop commercial and utility-scale hybrid energy projects.  These projects combine Lithium-ion battery energy storage systems with solar, wind and compressed air energy storage (CAES) projects, as well as other alternative energy generation assets.  Such turnkey energy storage projects give utilities, municipalities, grid-operators and independent power producers a secure and resilient source of clean power—for mission critical operations or for peak power.  These systems range in size from 100 KW to 2MW of battery energy storage, and contain enough batteries to fill a 40 foot container shipping container.

Large-scale energy storage coupled with solar, wind or other energy sources supports the grid through:

  • Frequency regulation
  • Fast response
  • Load Balancing
  • Solar and wind smoothing
  • Other ancillary services
  • Peak shaving
  • Time of day load shifting
  • Back up resilient power supply
  • Demand response
  • Demand charge mitigation
  • Battery based Electric Vehicle to Grid Power
  • Electricity trading

If you are a utility company or independent power producer, you may understand the value of energy storage and its ability to provide grid stability and other added value propositions like energy trading.  Go Big Solar originates hybrid solar and energy storage projects that bring the bacon back to their clients.  Click here for more information.

Battery Storage Systems